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The film’s got a comedic edge to it, was this a creative choice to make the film more realistic?

I just wanted to find the truth in it. A lot of the things I included in the film were just how things happened, because one minute we were having fun with her and the next minute she'd taken her own life. It felt like a rug pull. I wanted to be as sensitive as possible to her family in how I told her story, but just because someone’s died, doesn’t mean they weren’t funny. Obviously this tragic, sad thing happened but she was also hilarious. All the funny moments in the film are based on real life, because I think it would have been a disservice to her if I’d taken them out and made the film super solemn.

How do you show up for your friends who are having a tough time? Are there things you find useful when supporting them?

I have this one friend who struggles now and again, and they’ve been through therapy and know that it’s important to tell friends when they’re not feeling good. I hope more people who are struggling can get to that stage. I try to listen to them and acknowledge that it’s shit. Sometimes it’s about knowing someone well enough to know what can distract them out of it. For this friend, I know that giving them a task helps to get them out of that hole.

It’s also good to let someone know they’re not burdening you. Spend some one-on-one time with them, don’t just message on social media. A lot of people blame themselves when they feel bad and sometimes you just need to say to them ‘it’s okay, you’ve been through something shit and you’re allowed to feel upset about it’.

Since showing the film at festivals, people have come up to me to say they’ve been through something similar, either they’ve come out the other side or know someone who’s taken their own life. I think film and art can open up conversation about things.

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