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Our supporters make CALM who we are.

Team CALM are trailblazers, raising money for our services and the force that keeps us fighting against suicide. You take on the bold, the brave and the damn right bizarre to help us be there no matter what.

You go to extraordinary lengths, jumping out of planes, putting yourself through aches and pains, you run, walk, cycle and swim, game, gig and host spectacular shindigs - all to Campaign Against Living Miserably.

  • one thousand one hundred and eighteen runners

  • 157 cyclists

  • two thousand one hundred and seventy three walkers

  • 36 heads shaved

  • twenty thousand one hundred and ninety one push ups

  • 52 gamers

  • 27 skydivers


"I lost my brother to suicide. We wanted to raise money for CALM because the webchat is so beneficial for people who don’t feel they can talk face-to-face or on the phone. We just wanted to hopefully prevent one other person from feeling like Harrison did."


"If raising awareness of CALM and mental health helps one person to reach out, then no matter what the outcome of the record attempt is, or the amount I raise, I will have won."


“The London Marathon was such a special experience, but I knew I wanted to do more for CALM. After my brother died there was very little that I had to remember him by, so to have this challenge wrapped in his memory, it’s been a way of keeping his memory alive.”


“I think we can all play a part in this movement. If it’s not a challenge, it’s being supportive, kind and generous - the simple things we can do for another person.”

From comedy to karaoke, CALM tattoos (yes really) and tough training, people do all sorts of amazing things to Campaign Against Living Miserably.

If you’ve been inspired to do something to support us in being there for those who need us then head here for more.