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Aaron Gillies on anxiety, writing and emergency pints


CALM: Men can use humour as a bit of a defence mechanism. You use jokes to really get to the heart of your darker feelings, rather than deflect from them. Was it always that way for you?

Aaron: It's very much a defence mechanism, but also if you turn things into a bit of a gag, you can talk about very serious subjects and not make people feel that it's heavy or all-encompassing. My anxiety is part of my life, It's something I live with every day, so I feel like I have the right to take the piss out of it, because it's put me through hell. If I want to mock it I can. If I do it makes it seem smaller, if I give it a name it's something I can battle with. For me it's really helpful because humour lets me address things, and if I can make it into a joke, to something which other people relate, it makes it that much more tangible for them too.