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CALM Art Collective

CALM Art Collective

The CALM Art Collective is a creative space for all types of artists and art lovers to chat, collaborate and inspire each other.
It’s about getting many heads and hands around various ideas and provocations.
To push forward the conversation on mental health and self-expression.

Join us to connect, converse, collaborate and campaign – for a life less miserable.

 Sign up below and get making.

What is the CALM Art Collective?

Art is not only joyful and deeply satisfying, it helps us articulate difficult feelings, process thoughts and experiences, and reduces isolation. 

But what is the CALM Art Collective and why should you care? Because these effects are compounded when creators can connect  around a unified purpose, progress their craft, and build relationships.

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Join a community of creators

The CALM Art Collective is a place to embrace creativity, explore self expression, meet like-minded creators, and, tbh, just have a good time doing something you love. 

Nope, you don’t have to live in London to enjoy the CALM Art Collective. If your digs are in Dundee, Derby or Dublin you can still join, create and share. 

Want in? Sign up using the form below for the link. 

Open call for submissions

You might be familiar with a statistic that says that 1 in 4 people will deal with a mental health condition on any given year. Given that CALM believes we all deal with mental health, and our collective approach is built on the understanding that we’re all in this together, and can all support ourselves, our friends, our family and society as a whole.  We believe that it’s Not 1 in 4 but 4 in 4 and we’d love to see your artistic interpretations of this concept.

The exhibition

Submitted artworks will have the chance to feature in the next CALM exhibition at The Other Art Fair, held at Victoria House, Bloomsbury from 3-6 October 2019.

Sign up to find out how to submit >>>

Sign up and get making

What to expect:

  • News and highlights from across the collective and elsewhere.
  • Quarterly briefs to challenge and inspire your work.
  • Access to exclusive experts, events and exhibitions.
  • A community of passionate mates and mentors.
  • Bucket loads of inspiration and encouragement.


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