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Get together, do what you love and feel better for it.

CALM Collectives are for everyone, whatever background, age, or ability. It’s all about getting together, doing what you love and feeling better for it.

Why? Because we know human connection, being with people, is essential to our lives and our happiness.

Everyone is welcome. Our Collectives are for people from every background, age, and ability. They’re online, sure, but they’re also on pitches, pavements and places in towns and cities up and down the UK. They’re a place to share encouragement, experiences, stories, laughs, failures and successes. 

It’s not about being the best, the fastest or most creative. This is the opposite of ‘all the gear, no idea’ – it’s about doing the thing you love and feeling good. 

So get together, get talking, running, playing, creating… together, we’re unstoppable.

Why join a CALM Collective?

You’ll get a lot of tangible things:

  • Access to exclusive events and great opportunities
  • Newsletters with great content about the thing you love and CALM
  • Bucket loads of inspiration and encouragement

And also some things that you can’t express:

  • A community, a team, a gang, mates and mentors! The essential feeling of human connection
  • To do the thing you love with some like-minded people
  • To be a part of CALM and join our movement


The CALM Running Collective brings people together around running. It’s a place for runners of every age, shape, and ability – we share training tips, encouragement, stories, failures and successes.

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The CALM Football Collective brings together people who love the beautiful game, both playing it and watching it. It’s about positivity, generosity and reinforcement on and off the pitch.

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The CALM Art Collective is a creative space for art lovers and artists of all disciplines and experience to chat, collaborate and inspire each other.

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