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The CALM Art Collective Online Gallery

The CALM Art Collective Online Gallery

As the Art Collective has grown, CALM decided to regularly challenge this community with some creative briefs. These briefs have kept our community creative and also produced some brilliant and varied pieces of art.

This Online Gallery showcases the responses of our Art Collective to these briefs.


Brief 3: Definition of Beauty

You may have seen that we have teamed up with the fine folks at Jealous Gallery to launch ‘Art to Save Lives’, where we release a print every month for a year. The Connor Brothers have selected 11 artists to produce a print for us (as well as providing one themselves!) and all proceeds are being donated to CALM.

BLACK, adjective: the absence of light by Sara Pope

The latest work was kindly donated by contemporary artist Sara Pope, best known for her bold, seductive paintings of voluptuous lips. She was so great during the process that we asked her to set the new brief and she has!

I love that there’s no single answer to this, it’s so completely subjective, but a fascinating subject to think about and explore nonetheless.

Sara Pope

So it’s over to you! Submit your efforts here. The deadline for submissions is December 31 and we will be creating a gallery on our site and posting some submissions on the CALM Instagram stories so keep an eye out.

Brief 2: Hope in Lockdown

There was lots of talk about making the most of lockdown and being more creative was at the top of many hypothetical to do lists. Now, here at CALM, we feel just getting through lockdown deserves a lot of credit – never mind having the fortitude to have made anything or finding a regular creative spark.

We wanted people to share something that reflects on that time; something that’s inspired by the things that have offered you hope during these weird times.

Spring 2020 by Pavel Shvets

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Brief 1: The Journey

In collaboration with CALM ambassadors, the Connor Brothers and The Other Art Fair.

The creative process doesn’t involve just one idea – it’s a journey, the culmination of many different thoughts and changes and shifting perspectives that have to be combined.

The setbacks. The barriers. The hope. The breakthroughs.

In this way it mirrors our journey with mental health. We gain greater understanding of ourselves through going through the process – even though it’s often invisible to the people around us.

Here is a link to the full brief along with Mike of the Connor Brothers sharing some words on an object that has inspired his work.

By Tal Booker

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