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CALM sign football funny man Jonny Sharples as an ambassador

How has working with CALM and sharing your story helped you?

Working with CALM has been of great personal benefit to me in coming to terms with the death of my brother in late 2014. Although suicide is the biggest killer of men under the age of 45 in the UK, I'd never personally experienced it until Simon died, nor did I know just how prevalent it is. By working alongside CALM, it has help me realise that I was not alone in that regard; there are other people out there with the same questions and similar experiences.

Working with CALM has also allowed me to keep the memory of Simon alive, to feel like I can continue to share in experiences with and alongside him - such as working on Project 84 to make a mannequin representation of him, and feeling in some way that we are making new memories together. Telling his story, and speaking about him to various people and projects, has also allowed me to let the world just how fantastic someone as normal as Simon was. As well as telling everyone how much of an idiot of a big brother he was as well.

I hope, also, by telling Simon's story, and being open and honest about what both he and my family have experienced that we have helped others in some small way - helped them know that they are not alone, and helped to point those in times of crisis in the direction of CALM.