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Getting started

1. Choose an idea

There’s no right way to fundraise - but there are loads of great ways. Here are some ideas for starters.

2. Make a plan

Organising an event is exciting but can be daunting. So make a plan. It'll make things easier, we promise.

3. Fundraise

The simplest way to fundraise is using an online fundraising page to share with your supporters.

"Fundraising for CALM helped us through a really difficult time. We channelled that energy to create something good, and to help other people who may find themselves in a similar situation to our friend."

After losing their mate to suicide, Adam, Chi, Joel, and their friends and family asked people to grow their ‘burns for a month. As well as showcasing some questionable facial hair, The Sides Of March raised over £16,500 for CALM.

Ready to fundraise?

You've got your idea, made a plan and set up a fundraising page. We want to hear from you.