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Need help? Call our helpline
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CALM is a small organisation, with a team of five full time plus part time staff, so whilst we may shout loudly, we rely on the skills, time and energy of a growing team of dedicated volunteers to keep CALM running. Either in the office or out and about at events and fundraisers across the country, there are a variety of ways you can volunteer for CALM. You can help distribute our magazine, represent CALM at gigs and festivals, be part of a cheering team at a number of sporting events and loads more.

“CALM and the issues it tackles are important to me for many reasons, both personal and social. Volunteering with CALM provides me with an engaging outlet to aid CALM’s message, and meet some fantastic volunteers and staff.”

Currently the majority of the events CALM staff are able to attend are in the South East due to geographical constraints. However, there are supporter events happening up and down the country every week, so if you’re up for supporting the CALM campaign in your area, we would love to hear from you.

10561650_10152413835604690_8517868080897867012_n The first step to volunteering with CALM is to have a look at the info packs below detailing the different volunteering opportunities available, then sign up to the campaign HERE so that we have your details. Make sure you fill out the extended form, and remember to mention your areas of interest where relevant.


Street Team
London Office Opportunities

“Volunteering with CALM…has been very rewarding, with opportunities to get involved in lots of different ways, from writing articles to representing CALM at student events and even staging a fundraiser.”

Once you have signed up, we will be in touch with details of what to do next, and how to get stuck in! If you’d like to write for CALM, on the site or in CALMzine then download the info pack here.

10984082_10152835939714690_5023240082159941221_n We are always amazed at the positive energy and passion of our volunteers, so if you want to help CALM prevent male suicide, develop your skills or just meet a fantastic bunch of like minded people, then sign up today!

“In volunteering for CALM I have met a great bunch of people, many of whom have been affected my suicide themselves and although personal experiences are not often talked about, it feels like a safe space.”

If you are interested in fundraising for CALM, please visit our Fundraise page.

 *unfortunately we don’t take volunteers on our helpline.  Unlike many other helpline services, our calls are taken by specially trained & paid staff.

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