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Thanks so much for checking out Volunteering at CALM – we’re currently taking a brief pause, but if you’re looking for ways to support CALM and the people who need our help, there are 2 main things you can do for CALM at the moment…

Share, share and share again

Right now, more people than ever need our services. By raising awareness of them, you’re helping more people find the help they need.

Follow us on social media (HEREHERE and HERE) and sign up to our newsletter for the latest from the Campaign Against Living Miserably.

Once you’re looped in, share, share and share again. Spread the word about our services, campaigns and fundraising events with your friends, family, neighbours, everyone!

Help us raise funds

Our helpline and webchat are busier than ever. The most straightforward way to help our life-saving services right now is to donate directly to us and help fund our helpline and webchat. Just £8 pays for a call that could turn someone’s life around.

Or if you’d like to try your hand at fundraising (from the comfort of your sofa) we’ve got loads of ideas and inspiration HERE.

Volunteer against living miserably

Join our volunteer team and help spread the CALM message to your friends, family, colleagues, communities and everyone in between!

Volunteering at CALM isn’t about giving up your time, it’s about using your voice, passion and skills to campaign against living miserably. You can be based anywhere in the UK and volunteer with us in the movement against suicide – we have loads of opportunities to get involved, both online and in real life.

Why do we need you on board? Well, it’s you who will be starting vital conversations about what we do and why, as well being expert signposters to our life-saving helpline and webchat. This is invaluable, and has an incredible impact on our work – increasing the reach of our services to the people who need us most.

At the moment volunteering is on pause, but check back in soon to join our volunteering team.

How can I volunteer for CALM?

CALM does not employ volunteers to work on our helpline and webchat. At the moment, Volunteering is on a brief pause, but when we’re back to our usual tricks, CALM volunteers get up to all sorts, including:

  • Spreading the word about our services, campaigns and collectives to their communities through social media and in person action with the Tag Team 
  • Cheering on fundraisers at sporting events and marching in Pride parades up and down the country with the Cheer Team
  • Representing CALM at gigs, sports matches, plays and festivals, along with our CALM-run events like The Lost Hours Walk with the Street Team

As a CALM Volunteer, you will be trained up to be an expert signposter to our life-saving services. Why don’t volunteers work on the helpline? This support is provided by highly trained, paid professionals because we believe that this places us to offer professional support that, in the long run, will best help people in crisis. The CALM volunteer programme is not a progression platform to working on  the helpline.


What will I get out of volunteering?

As a volunteer, you’ll be supporting CALM to tackle suicide and campaign for long-term culture change. Beyond making a positive impact, there’s plenty you’ll get out of volunteering for CALM, such as:

  • In depth training and guidance on being an expert signposter
  • Support from the CALM team
  • Opportunities to build knowledge and develop skills – including interpersonal skills, confidence, initiative and empathy
  • Experience working with a rapidly-growing charity running world-changing campaigns

Tag Team

From social media shares to flyering your local, being a part of the Tag Team means you are committed to increasing awareness of CALM’s life-saving services within your community, wherever that may be! You can be based anywhere in  the UK to be a part of the Tag Team –  from Doncaster to Penzance there will be people who need CALM. We’ll help out with ideas and advice on the best ways to spread the word, just remember that whatever you’re doing, big or small, will have a impact on our reach! Here’s just a few opportunities you can take up:

  • Talking about CALM on your social media – sharing our services, campaigns and more
  • Getting out to local spots for some guerrilla marketing (within reason and with permission)!

Cheer Team

CALM has built up a solid a rep for our presence at sporting events and Prides up and down the country – we’re loud and definitely proud! Expect confetti canons, megaphones, placards and a whole lot of orange.

Being a part of the Cheer Team means you can help us give the best possible encouragement to our incredible fundraisers and let the people know what CALM is and what we’re all about. You can be based anywhere in England, Scotland or Wales, and will hopefully be able to volunteer at at least one event in your local county or city.

Street Team

CALM’s Street Team gets out and about to raise awareness of CALM, our services and the issue of suicide at a variety of events. As a Street Team volunteer, you will receive in depth training on how to expertly signpost people to our services and take the lead on those vital conversations.

Before joining the Street Team, volunteers have an induction session to get skilled up and confident discussing CALM. We have these every other month, and spaces are limited! Whilst we’re working on expanding across the UK, most Street Team volunteering currently takes place in London

Remember that CALM is here for you no matter who you are or what you’re going through. Our free and anonymous helpline and webchat are open every day, as normal, from 5pm-midnight. If you need support, find more info here.