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Hattie Newman Clock Work Issues
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Our lives often revolve around work. It shapes our routines, gives us a sense of purpose and can even be a source of friendships.

When work gets on top of us, or we find ourselves out of work, the stress can have a big impact.

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Things can quickly get on top of us at work, especially when we’re trying to keep everyone happy. Long hours, heavy workload, tight deadlines, or job insecurity are just a few factors that can cause work-related stress.

These pressures can pile up, making it increasingly difficult to manage. When things feel overwhelming at work, this can not only cause a drop in productivity, but also in our wellbeing.

Our jobs can quickly become a part of our identity, so when they are taken away from us, it’s normal to feel a bit lost. Becoming unemployed can come with many different worries, from financial anxieties, to not knowing what the future holds.

Long-term unemployment can be really difficult to deal with, often undermining our self-confidence, which in turn can hinder job searches and productivity.

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Talk to CALM from 5pm to midnight everyday. Our professional helpline workers are there to talk and to help you find ways to move forward. Calls and webchats are free, anonymous, non-judgemental and confidential.

Outside of these hours, call the Samaritans on 116 123.

Contact your GP for an appointment.

  • “I need to talk to you about how I’m feeling. Things are difficult with work/finding work. I don’t need you to find a solution, I just want to share how I feel.”

  • “I need to talk – I’ve been struggling lately because of work…”

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