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Work Issues

Getting stressed and worried about work, or perhaps the lack of it, is a really common thing. Loads of people calling CALM are having problems in one way or another with work. If you aren’t able to find work or unable to work because of health problems, the stress can be enormous.

Work is more than just something we do. It’s also important in making people feel like they’ve got a purpose. Apart from undermining your self confidence, unemployment can cause financial problems, especially if you’ve got a family to keep and a mortgage to pay.

Long-term unemployment for any reason can be really hard to handle – it makes you feel totally rubbish and worthless.

Get a helping hand

But there is loads of help out there, not just from your local Job Centre, or Jobcentre Plus. Other organisations can help you look out for a job or put you in touch with different kinds of training courses. They can also help you if you’ve got other things that are getting in the way of finding a job, such as housing and transport. And although we can’t actually get you a job, the people at CALM can listen and provide support and advice when you’re feeling low. Even if you have a job, it’s not always sorted. Can’t get out of bed in the mornings? Dreaming of chucking your desk out of the window? Finding it hard to get on with stuff at work? Or just not enthusiastic about life in general? Work stress isn’t just bad for your work, it’s bad for your health too.

Take back control

Apart from talking to your GP, or having a chat with CALM, there are other things you can do to try and reduce the amount of grief that your job is giving you. Why not:

  • Try to make time for yourself away from work. Give yourself a break.
  • Take time for your mind and body to relax.
  • Get involved in things that have nothing to do with work, like hobbies or exercise.
  • Eat well – skipping meals will mean you’re low on your energy stores and leave you feeling drained.
  • Chat to your family and friends. Make time to see your mates, it will help you unwind after work and let you get your problems off your chest.
  • Learn to say, ‘No’. If you’re asked to take on extra work or to stay in the office after your colleagues have left, have the confidence to stand your ground and say no.
  • Take breaks at work. Don’t stay glued to the job – take a few minutes to sit back and relax, or take a walk during your break.

Talking about your job problems and the way you feel can help. If you can’t tell your colleagues, you mates or your family, give CALM a call. We’ll help you chat about your problems, and help you tackle the problem.

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