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Students! #GramFam has your back

CALM and The Mix have teamed up with some of your favourite Instagrammers to launch #GramFam – a series of InstaZines to inspire young people to support themselves and each other through stressful times.

The campaign kicks off today with our #GramFam Exam Results Instazine and sees Reggie Yates, The Vamps, Kiss Radio DJ Neev Spencer, Jack Rooke, studygrammer Ruby Granger and Love Island's Dr Alex George dropping serious wisdom ahead of tomorrow's A Level results.

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If you or someone you know is waiting on results, you'll know exactly how stressful the waiting game can be. The hard work (or not) is over (for now...), so the only thing left to do is open that envelope, look at those letters and do some sort of dance. Whether that’s cutting shapes in celebration, a dab of disappointment or just shuffling back to bed, #GramFam has your back with a range of inspiring videos and messages, life advice, and handy tips on how to manage on the day if things don't quite go to plan.

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Get involved in #GramFam! Head to @calmzone, tag your mates and share your own experiences and tips to relax, destress or celebrate.

Worried about results?

Head to The Mix for loads of expert information if you or someone you know is worried about results day or struggling with exam stress.