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12th September 2023

Local Natives: Leaning on your mates through the hard times

Opening with honeyed harmonies, the album transports you to lazy sunshine days with your mates. At just over 30 minutes, the record might not be long, but is packed with melodies that will stay with you way after the album’s over. Delving into the anxieties and uncertainty which come with getting older, tracks like ‘Hourglass’ reflect on time slipping away, while the upbeat ‘NYE’ captures the feeling of wanting to stay in the moment. Taylor says:

“Through the journey of the album there were a lot of difficult moments, but NYE represents the peak of joy within that journey. About three quarters through making the album we caught this magical groove. We have a tradition where if one of our bandmates gets married the rest of us form a wedding band for them. Ryan got married and we played some of his favourite songs, things like Oasis - stuff we wouldn’t normally cover.

“Ryan was watching instead of being on stage with us like usual and he was like ‘oh my god you guys are really good’. After watching that he wanted to do a fun fast song and started coming up with riffs for NYE. We recorded it in half a day and it was just super fun and we did it out of the energy of that moment. We’d worked through all of these personal emotions and then re-found joy in making this album together.”

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