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Manor Gyms: Punching through stereotypes

Manor is different to other gyms. These guys are the real deal. They work hard, they're experts in training, and they support the mental health and wellbeing of their community. Enter StrongNotSilent, Manor's new campaign in support of CALM, which features a series of events and talks that culminate in a night of white collar boxing.

Manor’s StrongNotSilent campaign empowers their coaches and community members to share their struggles and show that, as men, it is okay to speak up when times get tough.

So, in partnership with premium clothing brand Lululemon, Manor have curated a series of events in support of CALM. These events - listed below - invite men to come together, train, and hear from male fighters, soldiers, athletes and business leaders who will share their struggles with mental health. Speakers will include Manor’s CEO, CEO of The Office Group, a former professional boxer, a high profile former special forces soldier, and a former two time Muay Thai World Champion.

“I am proud to be supporting such a bold campaign; suicide is an issue that is close to my heart and we are hoping to create as much of an impact as possible. StrongNotSilent has also been an emotional learning curve for me personally, and has opened doors into areas of my life that I may previously have resisted looking into too closely. The most important message we hope to convey, is that it is okay to talk and more men need to share their struggle.”

Charlie Watts, Manor’s Founder