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My county FA x CALM

The Amateur FA

The Amateur FA are a great example of what we're trying to do. On top of offering CALM Clubs to all their sides they are hosting drop ins hosted with CALM. Teams get all our info and brought up to date with what support they can offer anyone associated with their club as well as continued support from the Amateur FA.


Deck out the changing rooms, clubhouses or the loos in the local with our materials. Get us on kits across your county. There's all sorts of materials you'll have access to that will spread the word and offer support. We can provide artwork for your programmes and copy for your website too.

CALM Clubs

Our offering to football teams of any size playing any sort of football. Sign up and get a starter pack and you'll hear from us regularly with updates and advice on how we can support your members. Add CALM to your club and make it mean more.

How does it work?

The first aim is for all your teams to know that you've spoken to CALM and you want to help them and all those connected to their club. CALM Clubs offers regular contact and support to the teams and on top of that we want to work with you throughout the year to offer the most we can.

We offer a CALM workshop for staff members and for members of teams that explains everything we do and why collective action through football can be key to living less miserably.

You will receive information and assets ahead of our campaigns going live meaning that you'd be able to announce work we've done to your members as soon as we do to all our partners and followers. We'll speak regularly to see how specific areas of our work can be used in your comms and events calendar.

We think that a truly effective way to support people is to reach them through the things they love. You'd be taking us in to the heart of football clubs and from there it's up to us to provide information and ways in which teams can support us too.

We've had cup competitions named after us, FAs host an annual fundraiser for us, had a donation attached to fees and free for all football sessions created. We don't have any set demands other than spreading the word and CALM Clubs but we're here to work with you should you ever get to the point where you can support us.

Email and we'll get back to you and arrange a call.