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POEM: You Exist

Artist and writer Tom Stockley reminds us that we are not alone...


I know what it’s like
Hide and seek with your head...
To feel half a person
Tied to the bed
the dread of the day
and the drugs that they give you
to make things ok
the movement of your mouth
disconnected from your brain
never saying what you wish you could say
but you are not on your own
with every high, every low
you are loved most of all
when you’re past being lonely
and loved most of all
when you lie and say you’re ok
you are normal,
you are all the things
that makes human heat
when you’re at your most sick
you exist, you’re not nothing
hold on to your hope,
every scrap / every bone
and know you are someone,
you are not on your own

Photo credit: Photopin