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#Project84 launches today

Today CALM has launched a huge new campaign with our partner Harry’s and the support of ITV.

#Project84 tells the stories of 84 men lost to suicide, representing the 84 men who take their own lives every week in the UK.

CALM worked with sculptor Mark Jenkins to create 84 figures that act as visual representations of 84 real British men that took their own lives. Created during a series of workshops with the support of bereaved family members and friends of the deceased, the sculptures have been installed on top of ITV’s landmark building on London Southbank.

Supporting the project, ITV’s This Morning will raise awareness of the campaign also from Monday including interviews with the friends and family of the men at the heart of Project 84.

Check out the first video, featuring the families and friends of real men who took their own lives - all of whom helped to create #Project84.

Simon Gunning, CEO of CALM, said: "With Project 84, we wanted to make the scale of the situation very clear to everyone that sees the sculptures. By working with the families and friends of men who have taken their own lives to highlight individual stories, we hope to make the impersonal thoroughly personal"

Explore the story of #Project84 and join the campaign here.

Have you been affected by suicide? The Support After Suicide Partnership is a hub for anyone bereaved or affected by suicide, where you can find emotional and practical support and have the chance to share your story.

Need support? Worried about someone? CALM’s helpline and webchat are open daily 5pm-midnight. Get access here.