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The CALM Boot Sale

Roll up, roll up… for the brand new CALM Boot Sale.

Exclusive weekly prizes, from top stars… all from the back of our virtual boot to raise money for our life-saving work.

Actually, it’s less a CALM boot and more a CALM boutique. You see, we’ve been lucky enough to work with some bloody brilliant people. And they’ve been generous enough to give us some top stuff to give away. During lockdown we’ve been rummaging around and found some absolute gems - starting with a very limited edition signed Loyle Carner art print created by Reuben Dangoor.

We’ve got unique prizes up for grabs every week from the back of our virtual car - and all you need to do is buy your raffle ticket to give you the chance to win every week. The great news is that by entering you’re helping to fund our life-saving work.

Who are these stars donating prizes, we hear you ask.? Well, we've made a handy list to help you:

  • Lewis Capaldi

  • Danny from McFly

  • The Connor Brothers

  • Michael Keane

  • Bradley Simmonds

  • And many more to be added...

Some very big names, we think you'd agree. So check back here every Friday when we'll announce the next exclusive item out of our CALM Boot...


This week’s CALM Boot Sale is a truly unique one. We have 10 "How to be a Connor Brother" art kits created by the duo themselves. In their own words “Make your own Connor Brothers with this badly designed, ill thought out kit.”

Each one-of-a-kind kit contains unique speech bubbles from 1970's comics, a vintage Mills and Boon paperback, working scissors and glue. We told you it was unique!

Buy your £5 ticket here for the size of your choice and you could win it.