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7th September 2021

The ONS Figures on Suicide Rates for 2020 – a message from Simon, our CEO

CALM's CEO Simon Gunning reacts to the latest ONS Figures on suicide.

“Today the office for national statistics released the figures on suicides in the UK for 2020. It showed that suicide rates have declined from 2019. While we, of course, welcome that decline, we’re also acutely aware that we must treat the latest figures with caution, and remain vigilant to the evolving mental health risks that have arisen over the last two years. "There are other mitigating factors too – including delays in death registrations due to the pandemic which will also be key in explaining the provisional drop. Most importantly, we must remember that despite this decline, the sad reality is 115 people still die by suicide in the UK every week – with 75% of those deaths being male. That’s far from ok. There’s a life behind every single one of those deaths, young or old – a person with friends, family and a community that will forever feel that loss.

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