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Bobby’s story: “The illusion of being alone can be incredibly powerful”

To mark World Suicide Prevention Day, CALM published three suicide notes written by men who lived to tell the tale. One of those men, Bobby Smith, tells us about his experience since writing his suicide note.

Since writing the note, what has changed?

My single prevailing thought whenever I have been in my darkest of moments has always come through with such clarity that it has had the power to change my mindset on a number of occasions. That single thought is this: suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

Nothing ever lasts forever, good or bad. Life is so transient and fluid that you are not the person today that you were yesterday, and tomorrow brings the chance to be someone else entirely.

You are not the person today that you were yesterday, and tomorrow brings the chance to be someone else entirely.

Why did you decide to do this campaign for CALM?

First and foremost, because if I can help just one person, then the shit I have been through will have been worth it.

Secondly, I believe that this issue exists to the degree that it does because of a discomfort around talking about it. I hate to generalise, but men in particular are taught to repress their emotions. That is a recipe for disaster.

If “loose lips sink ships” then “closed lips, cost lives.”

This is 2017 . We all need to come to a point in time now where humanity begins to take care of itself. We are all from the same family, but the illusion of being alone can be incredibly powerful. But it is just that – an illusion.

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