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Money Talks

Skint, Hard Up, Broke. However you say it,
let’s start talking cash.

Why money? Why now? 43% increase in calls about cash to CALM's helpline. 70% of income is spent on household bills.

Money Talks Research

We wanted to get to grips with how the cost of living crisis is impacting mental health across the UK. And the answer is, a lot. Our report reveals that people are feeling lonely, anxious and even worthless because of their bank balance. CALM and MoneySuperMarket are here to change that.

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"Talking about money is the last taboo"

Journalist, podcaster, and West Ham fan Sam Delaney is frank about how money can impact your head. He shares what stresses him out and how he deals with awkward cash chats in his everyday life.

"Worrying about money made me feel like a failure"

Content creator, podcaster and singer/songwriter, Milena Sanchez, opens up about the mental health impact worrying about money can have - especially when you're looking after children.

"Baby formula, food, travel - everything is overpriced"

Social housing campaigner Kwajo
Tweneboa gives us the lowdown on shrinkflation and shares his top tips for making financial conversations easier with friends and family

How to talk about money

Skint, broke, hard up - there’s a bunch of words for being short on cash, but it can be hard to find the right ones when it comes to talking about money stresses.


Check out articles from MoneySuperMarket’s experts for help with tricky conversations about money and tips for managing your cash when things are tight.

CALM's guide to financial stress

Most people have money troubles at some point, but if your financial worries are starting to take over your life, you should talk to someone about how you're feeling.

Ask CALM: Money worries

Matt's struggling with money worries and his bills are stacking up. CALM share some tips on how to move forward.