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2nd November 2022

How gaming and streaming can help your head: The Lowdown

  • Our research shows gamers and streamers use gaming for loads of proper good things, with 50% saying it’s a way to relax, and 42% saying switching on a stream or a game is a way to escape from daily life.

  • Around a quarter of people* still consider gamers and streamers unhealthy (24%) or lonely (25%).

  • When we asked gamers and streamers** what traits they associate with gamers and streamers, creative (29%) and confident (26%) topped the list.

    • Almost a fifth (17%) say gaming, streaming or watching live streams helps them discover new interests

    • 15% say gaming, streaming or watching live streams is a way to socialise and 10% say it’s a supportive community

  • “Listening to a stream is like having a friend in the room with you while playing a game. For lots of gamers, this gives them somewhere to check in every day — a community to talk to or a place to share how you feel. ”

    Harry Marshall, The Yogscast
  • “I remember being 12 years old when I made my first online friend, another teenage boy from America. The idea that you can connect with anybody in the world, share your passion with them and make friends, is inconceivable to those who haven’t been able to experience it but it’s happening all over the world, every moment of every day. ”

    Harry Marshall, The Yogscast
  • "Games play an important and positive role in the lives of players. But persistent, inaccurate and negative stereotypes around games mean many miss the benefits they can offer or inadvertently discourage play that could be having a positive impact on people’s lives

    Dr Jo Twist, CEO of Ukie

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