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The Signs:
What signs to keep an eye out for

Something feel weird? Trust your instinct.

First thing’s first: let’s be clear there are NO catch-all signs to look out for. We can all be masters of disguise when we want to be, smiling and nodding in social situ’s to cover up what’s really going on. It’s not always easy to know when someone is feeling shit, but here’s some stuff that might help - from ones you will probably already know to subtler ones that might be harder to spot:

  • Ups and downs in their mood

  • Wanting to hang out less

  • Talking about suicide/wanting to die in a vague or joking way

  • Changes to their routine, like sleeping and eating

  • Seeming flat or low on energy

  • Neglecting themselves, showering less, or caring less about their personal appearance

  • Seeming reckless or making rash decisions

  • Increased alcohol or drug use

  • Being more angry or irritable than usual

  • Giving away their possessions

  • Saying goodbye to friends and family as if they won’t see them again