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The Facts: Why we need to
talk about suicide

We want to make talking about suicide a way of life for everyone. So that no one has to struggle on their own.

Nine out of ten people who attempt suicide and survive will not go on to die by suicide at a later date. And we want to show that things can change no matter how you’re feeling right now. That’s why we launched Stay - to share stories of hope and recovery that have the power to help others and remove the stigma about suicide.

We want everyone across the UK to know that someone wants them to stay.

To show there is always hope, always a reason for living. We’re here to tell anyone and everyone who can’t see a way out: “Things can change”. To say to them “Just stay”.

We want to show people that things can change, no matter how you feel right now. That there’s always a way forward.

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Help us save more lives

It costs £12.20 to answer a potentially life-saving call to the CALM helpline.