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We’re here to say: Stay

“You might feel like you can’t carry on, but I promise there are so many reasons to stay.”


We’re here to tell anyone who can’t see a way out: “Stay”.

Why are we doing this? Because the fact remains that every day in the UK 18 people take their own lives; 18 individuals who couldn’t see a way out.

These are our brothers, our sons, our daughters, our dads. And chances are, if you don’t know someone who’s died by suicide, someone you know will.

But we believe there is always hope, always a reason for living. That’s what Stay is all about – to show you that things can change, no matter how you feel right now.

Stories of Stay

Stay is about sharing stories of hope, stories that show the moment people decided to give tomorrow a chance. These stories aren’t about instant transformation – but real stories about a day-by-day process of rebuilding and slowly feeling like yourself again.



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