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CALM Helpline: There is nothing you can't talk about

No one knows the helpline better than the people who work on it every day. So we asked them to tell us the one thing they want you to know about using it.

‘What happens when you call the CALM helpline?’ is a question we get a lot. And we completely get it. We know there’s a lot running through your head when you're thinking of calling the helpline.

We hear from people who were originally reluctant to call the CALM helpline. People who have told us they felt “silly for calling (despite being at their lowest point)”. Or that their worries were trivial. Or that they were “reluctant as I didn’t think it would help.” But there is no weakness in calling our helpline. There is no judgement or pressure. Just support to help you look to the future with a bit more hope.

Our helpline is a lifeline for so many people. A place for everyone who ever finds themselves struggling. That’s why it’s so vital we’re here every day, no matter what. In their own words here’s what a call means to the people who use our helpline.

“I stared at the number. I was terrified. Terrified of the shame I felt in asking for help, terrified of being laughed at for being weak… Instead I found someone who listened and that was all I needed at that moment: to be heard.”

So, we wanted to take away any fears you may have. Or answer any questions that might not be clear. And we thought, who knows the CALM helpline better than the people who work on it every day? So we asked them to let us know what they think would be good to know.

“There is nothing you can't talk about.”

“You don't have to be suicidal to contact us, in fact we would rather talk with you so you don't reach that point.”

“A conversation with us can help you talk yourself into a calmer frame of mind.”

“The conversations we have and the range of issues we cover are so diverse. It makes every day so different.”

... All our callers and chatters are valued equally, no matter what they’re going through. That’s what makes us unique.”
“Our callers and chatters trust us with their most inner thoughts. It’s a privilege and we all understand how special that privilege is.”

“We understand about confidentiality and have very strict policies about it which we all know and understand.”

“We are all really supported which is so important in our field of work - there’s so much training and support behind the scenes to help us do our job to the very best of our ability.”

So remember, if you ever need to talk to us, we’re here for you no matter what. Whatever challenges you're facing, we listen, talk and plan together so you can begin to look to the future. There’s no judgement. No pressure. Just a free, confidential service here to help, every single day, from 5pm to midnight, on 0800 58 58 58 or here.