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Dave buddies up with CALM to say #BeTheMateYoudWant

Small gestures can mean a lot to someone going through a tough time, but recent research commissioned by UKTV Channel Dave showed that over 1 in 3 men wouldn’t know what to do to help a friend who’s struggling. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Dave to say: be the mate you’d want.


Wash at 30℃, don’t tumble dry, iron while wet — we like to keep our kicks white and our tees crisp, but when it comes to looking after ourselves, we’re not always so stringent. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Topshop and Topman this World Mental Health Day to #LetWhatsInsideOut.

UK’s first Suicide Prevention Minister: how we got here

The appointment of a minister for suicide prevention marked a monumental win for the CALM movement - but it's an important move for everyone in the UK.

SEAT and CALM grow a pair

We’ve teamed up with SEAT to say “Grow a pair”. Because sometimes the bravest thing you can do for someone is set everything else aside, including your judgement – and just listen.

Being homeless doesn’t mean being hopeless

At CALM we believe everyone should be able to ask for the help they need, no matter who they are, where they’re from, whatever their background. To us, it’s vital we’re there for groups we know are at a high risk of suicide. Because well, that just seems obvious. That’s why last year – partnering with Harry’s, we launched our new dedicated service that addresses the unique situation that those affected by homelessness face every day.

#MarkYourMan with Romesh and Rob

That World Cup thing is properly close now, so we thought we’d better get something together to celebrate. A new campaign, a new t-shirt, and a new CALM ambassador? Go on then.