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At the moment, the bulk of our funding comes from our amazing supporters – you! We receive a small but hopefully growing proportion of our income from trusts, foundations, local authorities and corporates.

CALM currently spends 83% of its expenditure on delivering our services: that’s answering calls and webchats on our helpline; working with communities across the country; and campaigning for better awareness and understanding of suicide and its devastating impact. Everything else is spent on keeping the charity running and fundraising to ensure we can help the hundreds of thousands of people who need our support every year.

Unfortunately, we don’t have the capacity to support requests like these.

It can take us a few days to process your donations once we have received them, but as soon as we do receive your donation we will send you a thank you letter by way of receipt.

A letter of authorisation outlines that you or your event is an official CALM fundraising event. Tell us about your event and then request your letter of authorisation!

You can pay in your fundraising online.

Or by post - send a cheque, postal order or charity voucher made out to Campaign Against Living Miserably to our address:

CALM, 5 Wootton Street, London, SE1 8TG

Let us know when you have paid in your fundraising so we can keep an eye out for it.

A donation from yourself would mean a great deal to CALM and the people we support. The vast majority of the money we raise from generous donors like yourself are unrestricted, meaning we can spend it on all areas of our work. It could go to our Helpline and Webchat service, which answered over 157,000 calls from people in need in 2021.

To give you an idea of what this looks like, for every £1 received by CALM, 83p is spent on charitable activities (helpline/webchat, campaigns and other services). The remaining 17p goes on fundraising and governance. You can also find out more about how we and other charities spend their money by looking on the Charities commission website.

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