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We see a close up shot of Harpz sitting at a table, writing her letter in a yellow notebook.
We see Harpz smiling and looking off camera, sitting on a bench in front of some red flowers.
Harpz, with a hopeful expression, looks off into the distance whilst sat in a leafy, sun-dappled garden.

Grief will never fade, and it’s alright to feel down some days when you miss someone, but it’s equally important to lift yourself back up. There’ll still be days when you find it difficult to express yourself, but you’ll learn to seek help without feeling embarrassed.

By moving one step at a time, I hope I can help others to come forward and speak openly too, because together, we can help the pain feel a little lighter.

“The sun is somewhere shining even when it rains” - I understand and believe in that sentence more than ever now.


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