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Take a stand against suicide with us this Mental Health Awareness Week

We’ve been making suicide prevention a priority since 1997

Our life-saving helpline is here every day for anyone affected by suicide or suicidal thoughts. But, right now, more people than ever need our services.

Since 2019, demand for our helpline has increased 94%.

And suicide rates are the highest they’ve been in 25 years. Never has it been more important to take a stand united against suicide.

When faced with tough circumstances, suicide should never feel like the only option. But right now, 125 people end their lives every week in the UK. Something has to change.

And for every suicide, 135 people are affected. 135 mothers, fathers, partners, children, siblings, friends. 135 people feel the fallout. The grief. The loss. The unanswered questions.

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Worried About Someone?

How to: Help someone who’s feeling suicidal