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A fifth of adults reported that they had thought of taking their own life at some point

  • “I need to talk to you about how I’m feeling. Things are tough, and I’ve thought about hurting myself/taking my own life…”

  • “I need to talk – I’ve been struggling with [ ] and have had suicidal thoughts."

  • "On the site I found and read that I was not alone, that many other people had similar stories and had struggled with their mental health and like me others often struggled to explain it to people. Even now typing this, this isn't even half of how I felt because unless you've experienced it it's very hard to understand how your mind works and how you feel inside."

  • "... the simple act of checking in on someone can be more powerful than we can possibly expect."

    Mike Snelle, The Connor Brothers
  • "I lost my nan and grandad, and my mum and dad split up all in the same time period. I tried to 'be a man' and bottle my emotions up. Not talking about it just made it worse, I attempted suicide twice, I'm currently having counselling and finally starting to turn the corner. I wanna share my story to help others. It's ok to show emotion, even if you're a man."

  • "Something in me thought 'I need to try and at least make one more attempt to avoid this, even if it doesn't work.' I called CALM to the best guy who listened. It was his compassion and ability to make me understand I did have options other than suicide. He saved me that night. It's been difficult since but I'm forever grateful; without him I'm sure it could have turned out differently. He's a hero in my eyes."

  • "Don't be a dick to yourself."

    Cecilia Knapp
  • "I am a survivor of suicide. Since getting my mental health back on track I love the ethos of Campaign Against Living Miserably, as I lived miserably for so long."


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