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David, 44

I can still feel the shock of the news running through my body. A cold and chilling feeling of disbelief, waking up on the 5th of December, all those years ago. My brother David, I miss you very, very much. You were my anchor, my guide, my brother, my go-to when things got tough and, as for those bear hugs, I can only dream about them now.

Family to you was everything. A fierce and protective brother, son, uncle and phenomenal father. A life lost, that in my opinion could have been saved if we’d been more educated and understood more about communicating feelings. It breaks my heart to write this and there is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about you and all the times I got to spend with you. I can’t even imagine how mum has got through this all these years. It left the heaviest weight on her heart and I know she misses you every minute of every day, we all do. This is one of the last photographs that I have of you, with that cheeky grin that’s etched on my heart forever. Until we meet again.

Shirley Ballas, David’s sister

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