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JAAQ Founder Danny Gray

JAAQ founder Danny Gray explains why he's determined to make a difference.

“From my own struggles with Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) I knew there was limited free and accessible information out there for me and the people around me, like my Mum and my friends.”

“I want to change the way people view and talk about and access information on mental health. I want to make it easy, accessible in a way that has never been done before.”

That’s why Danny and the team at JAAQ are at the forefront of tech innovation, striving to create new ways for people to connect and get help in a world that’s increasingly digital.

“The use of world class technology isn’t featured enough in the world of mental health. JAAQ revolutionises the way people access and share information about mental health. By using AI, users are able to have 1-1 conversations with the world’s leading experts, as well as people with lived experience.

“My vision with the platform is to make getting help so easy that it feels like a conversation. The fact you can do it from your laptop, phone or tablet makes it so much less daunting.”

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