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Handwritten text which reads: Be direct. Be specific. Ask twice.

So keep going to the gym, just doing exercise can help when someone’s struggling, and maybe even get a drink or something to eat after. The more relaxed or comfortable your friend feels, the more likely they will be to share what he might be going through. If your social interactions start to feel like interrogations, they probably won’t be that comfortable, so choosing something fun and casual is usually a good shout. Getting a takeaway, playing a game of FIFA, going to the cinema, they’re all good options when you want to have a conversation about mental health.

When you’re struggling to get a friend to share how they’re doing, it can help to talk about yourself. Here at CALM, we know that hearing other people’s stories can help you feel less alone, so maybe share something that’s been getting you down recently. Even if it doesn’t lead to a breakthrough moment worthy of a movie, your mate’ll know that it’s ok to talk about the lows and the highs when they’re around you.

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