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Tiltify is a fundraising platform made especially for streamers like you. It's the best way to get your stream booming and the donations rolling in.

Tiltify's packed full of useful tools and integrations to involve your audience so you can focus on creating that juicy content.

Get Tiltify guidance, best practice tips, and support here

Set up your Tiltify page
Jingle Jam Streaming Webpage V1 Recovered Boost Donations


Boost donations by getting your viewers involved using Tiltify's powerful features: polls, rewards, and milestones.

  • POLLS: Put the power in the hands of your community by setting up a donation poll to decide what you do on-stream. It could result in a different hairstyle, in-game decision, or forfeit like consuming some 'delicious' food.
    How to set up an on-stream poll
  • REWARDS: Incentivise your community by offering them something when they individually donate a specified amount to your campaign. These could be virtual (doing a one-minute dance on-stream) or IRL (posting out a sticker or T-shirt). Just make sure it's something you know your community will love.
    How to set up on-stream rewards

  • MILESTONES: Bring attention to certain points of progress on your fundraising journey. Celebrate 50% of your goal by eating hot sauce, neck a can of lemonade without burping - or, set milestone goals at multiple intervals so they can act as stepping stones towards your ultimate goal. Milestones are an easy way to bring hype and attention to your community as you climb to the top of your goal.
    How to set up milestones
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Use Chat Bots to quickly direct your viewers to your fundraising page when you're on stream. Instead of typing out the information every time, set up a Chat Bot to explain why you're streaming for CALM and share your Tiltify page.

You can set your Chat Bot on a timer (e.g. every 10 minutes) or by command (e.g. by typing !Donate).

How to set up a chat bot
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Let your viewers know what we do and why you're raising money to support our life-saving services. We've put together some key stats and talking points for you to share on stream.

How to talk about calm
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Share CALM videos from our YouTube channel on stream to show your viewers the difference their donation could make.

find calm videos to share
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The more people that know about your stream, the more support you’re likely to gain. Here's some ideas to get your event out there.

Promoting your event
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