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Stream for CALM

Everything you need to stream against suicide for CALM.

Download bundles: streaming assets & social media

Social Media Bundle (ZIP file)

Get the word out with our CALM social media templates (grid and post formats)

Stream overlays (ZIP file)

Look the part with camera borders, animated donation alerts and a CALM banner

Holding screens (zip file)

Stand out with animated holding screens before, during, and after your stream


Inform your community with graphics showing important stats and facts about suicide, from need-to-know to the 'holy shit' numbers

Logos & Characters (ZIP file)

Customise your content with CALM logos and creator characters

Twitch panels (ZIP file)

Set your Twitch page apart and link to your fundraising page with our CALM Twitch panels

More resources

Play CALM videos on your stream to show your viewers the difference their donation could make.

Download CALM videos to share


Let your viewers know what we do and why you're raising money to support our life-saving services. We've put together some key stats and talking points for you to share on stream.

How to talk about CALM


1 in 5 of us will have suicidal thoughts at some point in our lives. Huge, right? Here’s some more of the stats behind suicide. From need-to-know to “holy shit”.

Life-saving stats and facts

Use a Chatbot on your stream to direct your viewers to your fundraising page and let them know what CALM's all about. Here are a few examples of messages you could set up:

!AboutCALM: 125 lives are lost every week to suicide. Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) exist to change this. They do this by provoking conversation, running life-saving services, and bringing people together so they reject living miserably, get help when they need it and don’t die by suicide.

!Donate: Help me raise money to stand against suicide and help more people decide to stay. You can donate here [Fundraising Page URL]. Legend!

!Impact: CALM get 28,000 calls to our helpline every month. Demand has gone up by 74% since 2020 and it's still rising. No one should have to struggle alone. Every penny you donate could fund a potentially life-saving call.

!Support: CALM’s helpline and livechat are open from 5pm to midnight every day. 365 days a year. Visit

How to set up a Chat Bot for your fundraiser


Tiltify is a fundraising platform made especially for streamers. It's the best way to get your stream booming and the donations rolling in.

Tiltify's packed full of useful tools and integrations to involve your audience so you can focus on creating that juicy content.

Set up your fundraising page

We get 28,000 calls to our helpline every month. Demand has gone up by 74% since 2020 and it's still rising. No one should have to struggle alone. That's where you come in.

Every £12.20 you and your community raise could fund a potentially life-saving call.*

You'll help us be there for anyone who needs us, no matter what. Listening, talking and helping people who are feeling shit and struggling with life to move forward.

*We spend 77% of our fundraising on delivering our services, campaigns and community work - and 23% on keeping CALM running and raising more funds, so we can help the hundreds of thousands of people who need our support every year.

Boost donations by involving your community. Try out Tiltify's interactive tools, including polls, rewards and milestones.


Put the power in the hands of your community by setting up a donation poll to decide what you do on-stream. It could result in a different hairstyle, in-game decision, or forfeit like consuming some 'delicious' food.

How to set up a donation poll


Incentivise your community by offering them something when they individually donate a specified amount to your campaign. These could be virtual (doing a one-minute dance on-stream) or IRL (posting out a sticker or T-shirt). Just make sure it's something you know your community will love.

How to set-up donation rewards

Including fundraising milestones as part of your stream is a great way to help with donations, as well as providing a good opportunity to link back to the cause and it’s impact.

We’ve put together a few ideas below of how you could do this, using our resources to engage your chat as a group, while spreading awareness of the tools and tips they have to look after themselves in any circumstance.

Cause Reminder - Remind your chat about CALM and the vital work we do against suicide with a cause reminder.

Tell-A-Mate - Show your community just how simple it is to look out for one another by encouraging them to Tell a Mate today. Because a few small words can make the biggest difference.

Campaign Videos - Learn how CALM spark national conversations about suicide through award-winning campaigns to help you spark conversations with your own community.

CALM Guides - Whatever you or your community are going through, the CALM Guides are full of useful advice to help you find a way forward.

How to set up fundraising milestones

Use Chat Bots to quickly direct your viewers to your fundraising page when you're on stream. Instead of typing out the information every time, set up a Chat Bot to explain why you're streaming for CALM and share your Tiltify page.

For example, you can set your Chat Bot on a timer (e.g. every 10 minutes) or by command (e.g. by typing !Donate).

How to set up a Chat Bot for your fundraiser

Check out the downloads at the top of this page to make your stream stand out. We've got snazzy (yes, we said snazzy) CALM frames, banners, inlays and other social assets for you to use.