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CALM Helpline: We're here 365 days of the year

Behind the twinkly lights and Christmas festivities, this time of year can be tough for lots of reasons. Whether your plans have gone down the toilet, or you’re just feeling a bit crap about this one, you can reach out to CALM. We’re here every day – even on the 25th. The only difference? Our helpline staff might be munching on a mince pie on their lunch break.

Don’t believe us. We spoke to our helpline staff, the friendly bunch who are there to pick up the phone and answer your messages every day from 5pm until midnight, with stories of Christmas calls from the past and advice that’s relevant all year round.

Don’t go through it on your own

Things can quickly get overwhelming at Christmas, so it can be good to know someone’s there if you need to chat. If things feel too much, talk it out with us. And if you’ve called us in the past, it doesn't mean you can’t get in touch again if you’re struggling. You don’t need to have hit a crisis point to call CALM, the helpline and webchat is here when you need it.
“I’m working through Christmas because I know just how important it is for a person who is alone or struggling over the festive period to be able to pick up the phone and have a conversation with someone. Knowing people are out there who care can make a difference to someone’s day.”

Step away from the Xmas stress

We know that the small stuff can quickly be blown out of proportion at Xmas and the big stuff can feel even bigger. Chatting to the helpline can feel like a massive deal, but it’s not as serious, or scary as it sounds – we’ll even join you for a New Year’s sing song if it’s what you need.
“There’s no such thing as a perfect Christmas and any hiccups can be blamed on the reindeer. It’s good to remember that everything is blown out of proportion in the run up to Christmas. Last New Year a caller sang Auld Lang Syne down the line.”

We’re here, no matter what

With the shops closed and streets a little emptier than usual, Christmas Day can feel isolating, but hearing a friendly voice at the end of the phone can make all the difference when you’re feeling lonely.
“It can be a difficult and lonely time for many. The person I spoke to was feeling very low as they hadn’t spoken to anyone all week and had spent Christmas Day alone with their thoughts. They called us that night and after our conversation, thanked me for listening and said they really appreciated us being there. It meant a lot to them that there was someone to connect with and to know that we were there to support them any night of the year.”

CALM’s here every day of the year

The support doesn’t stop just because it’s Christmas. Connect with us if you’re struggling and we’ll lend a listening ear, give you space to talk about what’s on your mind and even share a cracker joke if it’s what you need. We know things can feel especially tough this time of year, but you’re not on your own.

Whatever you’re going through, you can talk to CALM. Our free, confidential helpline and webchat is run by trained professionals and is open every day from 5pm until midnight.

Be part of something bigger

At CALM we’re all about standing together against suicide – and we all have a part to play. Hit this link and we’ll send you a newsletter every month so you can campaign, game, fundraise, bake, race, volunteer, cheer or chat over a couple of beers… against living miserably.