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When is it a problem?

Lots of people enjoy alcohol and drugs in moderation. If you’re worried about how much or how often you’re using alcohol or drugs, or if you're addicted to something, thinking about how much you consume is the first step.

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Drinking and taking drugs is associated with having a good time but sometimes our relationship with alcohol and drugs goes past ‘the good times’ and can begin to take a toll on our lives.

You're not alone

  • Ambassadors Chevy Rough

    Chevy Rough's story

    “I partied a lot, it wasn’t a great time. I was on the tail-end of a bender on Christmas Day morning, wrapping presents and taking drugs with my in-laws coming round. That wasn’t a good or healthy place –there were too many dark days, too much abuse and self-harm with alcohol and drugs, and destruction of relationships around me. I knew I needed to make change, so I started walking. I had this book, London’s Top 20 Walks. I thought to myself, if I can commit to this every weekend it’ll keep me out of the pub. Having that structure gave me something to be accountable to. I didn’t know that back then but I was getting a positive physical response, being out in nature, having time to myself, disconnecting from technology. I’ve never had a positive routine in my life and that’s what movement and exercise did for me. It gave me a space to think. It’s like going into therapy, you start to learn a lot about yourself because you spend time alone.”

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  • “I think I might be drinking/using too much and am finding it difficult to quit on my own. I feel like I might need support getting help.”

  • “I want to be here for you and I feel like you may be struggling with (X). What can I do to support you?”

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