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Our Stay stories

When things are tough, deciding to give tomorrow a chance isn't easy. But that’s exactly what Alika, Ricky, Sally and Nicol did. Here are our stories of rebuilding and finding a way through life's low moments.


"Bad times don't last forever. They won’t last forever. Never be scared to admit that you need help. I promise you it’s the best thing you’ll ever do."


"I felt taking my life was my only option. Something that pulled me back was my niece. I needed to stay to be there for her."


“I remember that night like it was yesterday. The day I thought would be the end. When it seemed like there was no way forward. But things did change."


“You just have to do the thing you don’t want to do. Which is talk to somebody.”


"I wish somebody had told me about their experience because you feel very alone. I hope that talking about it gives people hope to push forward for the future.”


"If anyone else finds themselves in that situation - reach out to the people who want you to Stay. You'll find there are far more of them than you believe."


"I nearly didn’t make it. But I just managed to hold on. I’ve gone on to be a mother, gone on to have an amazing career and an amazing life. Just hang on. It's worth fighting for."


“Because I was able to talk to people about how I was feeling, that allowed me to make little steps and changes in my life. I value my life so much more than I ever did."


"Part of me started believing the world would be better off without me. One of the things that kept me here was the thought of keeping going for everyone who ever believed in me."