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1st July 2021

Running highs and lows: the CALM ambassador's running kit

Danny Jones, McFly

Danny opts for heavy rock when he needs to push through the last leg of his run.

“Running is one of the first exercises I do when I need to clear my mind. It’s a great way to get time on your own, throw on a podcast and really have time to digest and learn about your body.

“I use a Theragun for around five minutes before I head out, just to fire up my running muscles, especially my glutes. I’ll also choose a pre-run snack that’s light and slow release, like a banana or health bar.”

Danny’s running soundtrack?

“I like to run to podcasts, but when I need music I choose pretty heavy rock towards the end of my run!”

Richie Driss, Blue Peter Presenter

Richie and his running partner like to get competitive, poking fun at one another to get motivated.

“My running partner, for me, is akin to my barber – they do a job but it’s also therapeutic. We’re competitive and insult each other in a light-hearted manner to get the best out of one another. It’s not recommended for everyone, get those stretches in kids!”

Richie’s running soundtrack?

Swizz Beats ft. Lil’ Wayne: Uproar

Mobb Deep: Win Or Lose

Kasabian: Underdog

Ivan Gough & FeenixPawl: In My Mind (Axwell Radio Edit)

Kings of Leon: Red Morning Light (shout out to FIFA 2004)

Lucy Campbell, British Surfing Champion

When she’s not riding waves, Lucy finds freedom in getting out for a run.

“For me, running is about the sense of freedom. Aside from training, I’ve used running throughout my life as a little escape from the pressures of life that creep in. Forget beating last week’s time, just take in the surroundings and enjoy the time to yourself to process thoughts and feelings. It’s a sure way to feel content and find a little more clarity.”

James McVey, The Vamps

James uses his runs as an excuse to unplug and find some time just for him.

“I run because it’s the one time I’m not contactable via email or text. I’m able to zone out and really connect with myself, focus on my breathing, the rhythm of my feet and the environment around me. I lose myself in a playlist and enjoy London in a way I’ve never done before.

“I also love the challenge, the self-determination and drive to push myself that little bit further. You don’t need to pay a membership for a fancy gym or live somewhere posh, running is an accessible option for lots of people and that’s why I love it.”

James’ running soundtrack?

“I’m loving the Real Dictators podcast at the mo!”

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