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Golf for CALM

Tee up on the golf course to support your mental health and tackle suicide. Get your mates together, start a conversation and raise life-saving funds.

  • Organise a CALM Golf Day

    Pick your favourite golf course, get a group together and take a stand against suicide.

  • Host a golf-a-thon

    Get sponsored for a mammoth day of golf, whether it's 12 hours or 72 holes. set yourself a challenge to raise lifesaving funds.

  • Collect change in the clubhouse

    Whether you put a collection pot on the bar, add a charity pound to the cost of a pint, there are plenty of quick wins to raise pounds for CALM

  • Create a competition

    Whether it's the winning team, winning individual, longest drive, nearest the pin or best dressed golfer, donate for competition entry and have a prize for the winner.

  • Run a raffle

    Raffles are one of the easiest ways to fundraise, either in person or online. You can approach local businesses and celebs as well as your mates for prizes, and CALM can supply a Letter of Authority to prove it's all for charity.

  • Mulligans

    If a player has a bad shot, as them to donate so they get to rewind and take the shot again, without any penalty. You can also have a prize draw for anyone who returns without using their Mulligans.

  • Money for Old Rope

    How long is a piece of string? Well, let players donate for a short pieces of rope. If your ball is near the hole and within their length of rope, the player can choose for the ball to be considered holed. For added jeopardy allow lengths of ropes to be tied together in team tactics.

  • Beat the Pro

    Any local celebs or resident golf experts? Ask for a donation and see if players get their ball on the green, closer to the hole than the pro to they win a prize - or just bragging rights!

  • Choose CALM as your charity of the year

    We would love to support you year-round with a charity of the year partnership. If you need any support to nominate CALM for your club, or there's an application process you think we should try for, please get in touch.


  • In 2023 our helpline staff gave more than 3 million minutes of support.

    That’s 3 million+ minutes of helping someone struggling. 3 million+ minutes spent finding a way forward together. 3 million+ minutes of life-saving conversations.

Meet the Up & Down Golf Society

"A lot of guys are bad at golf. Significantly more are bad at being open and honest about their mental health.

As someone who has struggled with their mental health and who has seen a lot of close friends struggle, I know from first hand experience how much golf can help. It provides the perfect opportunity to get some fresh air, do some exercise, but most importantly, chat sh*t with your mates for 4 hours.

We've come up with the Up & Down Golf Society to encourage guys, golfers or otherwise, to speak to others who might be in a similar position or who are just happy to listen, in a really casual environment which is as accessible as possible.

We plan to host regular golf days, run like normal society days, but where the focus is on mental health, with any profits being donated directly to CALM."

Be a part of the movement against suicide

Let's get to work!

Here are all the CALM downloads you need to boost your fundraising and help you stand with us to smash the stigma around suicide.

From posters for the back of loo doors to Instagram story frames, get everything you need today.

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Handwritten text which reads: Be direct. Be specific. Ask twice.


Maybe it’s turning up at a friend’s door with a takeaway after a busy day, sending a meme you know they’ll find funny, or being there when they’re struggling. It can be hard to know when someone you care about is finding things tough and even harder to know what to say – we got you.

Worried About Someone?


Get in touch with our supporter team by phone on 020 3854 2161 or click the button below to send us a message through the website.