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Suicidal doesn’t always look suicidal

Find out how you can help save a life

Take a minute to talk about suicide

Take a minute to talk about suicide

If we can all start one conversation about suicide, together we can save more lives. Over dinner. In schools. In offices. At the pub. In parliament. Right across the country. We need to break the silence and smash the stigma around suicide and get everyone talking about it

Over half of us wouldn’t feel confident in helping someone who is at risk. But we can help you start these potentially life-saving conversations. We’ll:

  • Give you the tools to help start life-saving conversations
  • Help you spot the signs that someone might be struggling
  • Arm you with the info to signpost to expert support

So join us, and stand together against suicide.


Struggling? We’re here to help

Things can change, no matter how you feel right now. If you’re finding things tough, we’re here.