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Get Creative & Carry On!

After 10 years of cutting edge work on Merseyside CALM has decided to launch a new campaign to gather support from the creative sector of the region.

We’ve called it “Get Creative & Carry On” and we want you to get involved!

You may be a fan of CALM, or only just heard of us.  Maybe you are interested in how we can help you improve the wellbeing of your staff so that you get the best out of them, or maybe you admire what we do and want to find out more.  Whatever your reason, we’d like to speak to you about partnering with us over the next 12 months.

During 2011 and 2012, the Merseyside CALMzone is developing its work with supporters and partners.  We lose over 900 young men to suicide every year in England & Wales, that’s almost 3 every day. Since our work began back in 2000, we’ve seen an amazing 55% reduction in the numbers of young men taking their own lives on Merseyside.

Men so often feel they cannot admit to any problems in their lives because it would be an unacceptable show of weakness.  Our cutting edge website and free, confidential and anonymous helpline offers an acceptable route through to the support young men want, on their terms.

CALM’s approach is pretty revolutionary stuff and has inspired and influenced a number of other campaigns and causes.  We know, as no doubt you do, that people respond far better to positive and thought provoking messages that engage them, and that people want a product that presents itself as quality and trustworthy.  These values are very important to CALM.

We also believe that partnering with us is a great opportunity to celebrate the massive contribution young men make to society; whilst we often see media coverage making men aged 15 -35 look like the source of all our problems, we know thousands of young men work hard every day across Merseyside, making regular, creative and positive contributions to their communities and society in general.

So we’ve come up with a simple idea – how about we ask the creative sector of Merseyside to back us?

How about, instead of asking for your companies money we encourage you to be creative and come up with fun ways to raise cash, give you plenty of time to have a go and make it a positive experience for everyone?  Winner!

We’re aiming to raise £50,000 over the next 12 months and we’d like to ask you to try and raise just £500 of that being creative.  Here’s what we want to do with that money:

o      £10k will enable us to launch and run a new text service, meaning young men on Merseyside can get discreet support via their mobile

o      £20k will cover the cost of adding an additional member of staff on our helpline, enabling more callers to get through and get the help and info they want

o      £20k will enable us to make our fundraising sustainable by employing a fundraiser here on Merseyside

We can’t do it without you, we get lots of good will and opportunities on Merseyside and we’re busy promoting across the patch thanks to health funding secured locally, but partnering with you will help us to go to another level.

So what next?  Well, drop me a line and let’s make this happen!

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article or in the comments below, are not those held by CALM or its Trustees unless stated, and liability cannot be accepted for such comments. We encourage friendly and constructive debate, but please don't share personal contact details when commenting and exercise caution when considering any advice offered by others. We don’t allow abusive, offensive or inappropriate comments or comments that could be interpreted as libellous, defamatory or commercial and we will remove these without warning as and when we find them.

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