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THE RANT: Social Media. LOLZ!!! :))

Is it me, or have we humans become obsessed with documenting absolutely bloody everything?!

You pay well over the odds to go and watch your favourite band and yet you choose to watch most of the gig through the lens of your phone! Oh and don’t forget to tweet it, slam it on youtube and link it to your myfacespacebook profile.

OMGZ that gig looked amazeballs, wish I could have gone you lucky cow LOLZ”

Its dinnertime, I sit at the table and yes it smells delicious, but what does it look like I hear you gasp? Never fear, I now have a photo of this food, food glorious food.

Why have I taken this picture?

Why have I added an effect to make it look like it was taken in the 1940’s?

Why do I think anyone would care?

Why is this delicious plate of food that my Nan has been slaving over for hours now cold?

“OMGZ that roast dinner looks well tasty, where was my invite? #mmmbisto LOLZ”

Sebastian was currently in Australia as part of his once in a lifetime gap year adventure travelling around the world. All his family were very proud of him and his friends, though understandably jealous, were happy for good ol’ Seb.

At first the photos of his trip were received with great excitement, the wonderful scenery, the amazing sunsets etc. Then like any other snap happy modern traveller came the inevitable bombardment of foreign signage (signs and that).

There was one for penguins crossing, one for pancake tossing, one for bears dancing, one for aircraft passing, one for electric shocks, one for falling rocks, one for snow blizzards, one for endangered buzzards, one for shark invested seas, one for cheap strawberries, one for scuba diving, one for careful driving, one for migrating toads, one for potholes in the road and on and on and on it goes.

“OMGZ I can’t believe there is a town called ‘Wibbly Wobbly’! LOLZ”

Whether it is in the desperate hope to impress or encourage a smattering of laugh out louds, no matter how mundane the subject or how minor the occurrence someone will surely want to know… what egg on toast looks like in Sepia!

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