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Mike and his bike go to Malta

Mike Swinford, is popping out for a little bike ride for CALM. Where’s he heading you ask? Just Malta, no biggie.

Mike, why Malta?

It was the first place I ever went abroad with my family at the age of 13. It’s also the resting place of my grandparents so holds a great family sentimentality to it.

When did you first start cycling?

I started cycling road bikes around the age of 13, it wasn’t long before I would disappear into the wilderness, exploring new roads, lanes and anywhere the 2 wheels could take me. I remember telling my dad at the age of 14 that I cycled a 50-mile round trip for an ice-cream by the river.

Cycling is obviously important to you, tell us about it?

Cycling is a great stress relief, I always feel my head is clearer after a ride. It’s also a great way to catch up with friends. It’s a simple freedom that as soon as you learn to balance on two wheels you can be set free and the world’s your oyster.

Where are you excited to visit along the way?

Everywhere! I really am a beginner with it comes to cycle touring so I’m looking forward to seeing new places. The Alps will be breathtaking the highest climb will be around 2,642m of climbing at the top of the Col du Galibier. I think finishing in Malta and going to get an ice-cream where I used to with my nan will be the icing on the cake though.

Is there anything you’re worried about; saddle chafe?

Forgetting something. I’m a forgetful person at the best of times so getting half way and getting a flat tyre only to find I didn’t back a spare inner tube is highly likely.

Getting ill and not being able to finish would also be a fairly hard pill to swallow. Raising money for a good cause will push me to complete the event.

So why CALM?

In the last few years, I’ve lost friends and family in my life. A high percentage of these people I lost to mental health. Feeling helpless after the latest passing of a friend I sat wondering if could I do something to help. After meeting the guys AT CALM I knew I wanted to support them and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be a part of the team!

Big love to Mike on his bicycle adventure!

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