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The #ManYourLocal team challenge

#ManYourLocal returns! Swerve that awkward team-building idea your HR Manager proposed and spend a day doing something actually decent… that involves pints.

If you’re reading this you’re already committed to spreading the CALM message, and probably keen to get your team doing something great for a day. So we asked the question ‘what’s the best part of team away days?’ and got the answer, ‘the pub at the end!’. Hence: #ManYourLocal Team Challenge – helping us spark great conversations in pubs, clubs and cafes all over the UK.

#ManYourLocal is all about making our beloved pubs, clubs and cafes into places that make potentially life-saving conversations easier, (and having a lot of fun while doing so). The important message comes in the form of our piss-take ManDictionary puns, taking a pop at silly societal conventions, and the medium is the humble beermat.

The main goal of the day: get rid of your beermats.

Here’s how it works…

1. SIGN UP. Use the form below.

2. ORDER YOUR BEERMATS. Use the link we send you after sign up.

3. ASSEMBLE TEAMS. Try 3-5 people in each, but break it up how you like.

4. GO TO PUBS. Or clubs, or cafes (you’re welcome!)

5. CHARM the barperson or barista into putting our free #ManDictionary beermats around the place, and sticking our fold-out-poster-thing up behind the bar.

6. SHARE PHOTOS. Each pub that accepts CALM beermats earns you points. To claim your points, share a photo on social media with the hashtag #ManYourLocal – extra points for certain photos (more on that later.)

7. THE FINAL ROUND. Once you’ve shared all your beermats, or exhausted yourselves trying, choose a final pub where everyone can meet up, add up each teams’ points and announce the winner. The losers buy the well deserved final round!

Easy! Fill in the form below to get cracking.

Man Your Local for Corporates

Contact Information
Used to coordinate your #manyourlocal challenge.
Delivery Information
Where you’d like the beer mats delivered.



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