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Neil Walton

Featured writer

Born in a wind tunnel, I had a turbulent upbringing, and things didn’t improve during my adult years. Friends deserted me and I was shunned by my family. This had nothing to do with my bipolarity – I’d just moved to Tottenham!

My mother, who was over 8ft tall, became a giraffe sexer, and my father was a retired golf divot, and a part time whelk whisperer in Frinton. I left school at 15 by walking away from it, and joined a halibut flatners in Bognor. And it was from these humble beginnings my life fell apart spectacularly.

But seriously, I survived a protracted clinical depressive phase, only to be diagnosed with a type II bipolar disorder. Twelve years later I discovered the illness that had tried to kill me had created a new path for me to follow.

I’ve always had a creative streak and this fell in line with my sense of humour. My occupational therapist was instrumental in my recovery, when she referred me to a local editorial team. I wrote my book and in 2007 ‘Bi Polar Expedition’ was released into the wild. Now, ironically, I write observational comedy.

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Neil Walton

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